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The Consulate General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in San Francisco was founded  in October 1997. The Consulate General’s consular area covers 11 states in the West Coast of the United States of America, including California, Washington, Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming and Alaska. The Consulate General’s mission is to strengthen the Comprehensive Partnership between Vietnam and the United States of America, and help supply consular services related to Vietnamese nationals, people of Vietnamese origin and provide consular protection service within the assigned consular area. The Consulate General has consuls working in the divisions of  chancellery, political and diplomatic relationships, consular service, trade representative, office for science and technology cooperation, and planning and investment service.


Consul General HOANG ANH TUAN (Biography)


Administrative Office:                         

1700 California Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94109

Tel: 415-922-1707; 415-922-0707; 415-922-1238.

Fax: +1 415-922-1757


 Consular services:

Address: 1700 California Street, Suite 580, San Francisco, CA 94109

Tel: (415) 922 1707; (415) 922 0707; (415) 922 1238.

Fax: +1 (415) 922 1757


Planning and investment service:

  • Share information on macro-economic issues, investment environment and business development of Vietnam and the U.S.; provide information about investment incentives of Vietnam and the U.S.
  • Promote inbound and outbound investment.
  • Introduce lists of Vietnam’s national investment projects and seek for investment partnership.
  • Engage in social and economic cooperation, business and investment forum and conference. Conduct studies and researches on major economic affairs of Vietnam and the U.S.


Consul Doan Thanh Nghi (Chief Representative)

Tel: (415) 922 1707

Cell: (415) 712 5090

Email: thanhnghisf@gmail.com


Trade service: promote trade cooperation between Vietnam and the U.S.; provide trade information and connect trade businesses of Vietnam and the U.S.


Email: sanfrancisco@moit.gov.vn

Consul Tran Minh Thang (Chief Representative)

Tel: (415) 990 2636

Fax:(415) 751 1751

Email:         thangtm@vietrade.gov.vn




Office for Science and Technology

Office: 1550 Eddy Str., Apt 220, San Francisco, CA 94115

The Science and Technology  Office in San Francisco grows collaboration in the following fields: energy, communication and information technology, bio-technology, material technology, automation, mechanic – machinery technology and environmental technology.


  • Promote science and technology cooperation with engagement of American partners and science expats by organizing visit, meeting and event;
  • Enhance scientific breakthroughs, investments and innovations in key domains by networking with academic people, agencies, scientific associations, think-tanks and other R&D decision-making circles;
  • Sustain existing scientific partnerships, grow new partnerships by organizing visits of experts and seminars on common interest topics; promote annual calls of the Vietnam-US joint endowments or funds;
  • Foster doctoral mobility of students, researchers, and other incentives.


Consul Pham Huong Son (Head of Office)

Email: sonph@most.gov.vn; phson2008@gmail.com


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