A U. S. resident, seeking to get married in Vietnam, may submit in person or by mail documents for marriage registration to the Consulate General for legalization and translation before bringing them to Vietnam for Application at Department of Justice at Provincial Authorities.




I. A Regular Dossier to be authenticated at the Consulate includes:

1. Application for Marriage Registration in Viet Nam

2. Affidavit of Single Status

3. Certificate of No-Marriage Records issued by State or County Authorities (Vital Statistics Office, Department of Health, State Registrar …) within the last six months, certifying that no marriage license or marriage record of the applicant has been found from his/her mature age of marriage (age of 18 for female and 20 for male) or since his/her divorce up to the present or since his/her spouse’ death up to present.

4. Certificate of Good Mental Health issued by an authorized medical institution, confirming that the applicant has no mental illnesses, or mentally sound for marriage, and is fully conscious of his/her own actions.

5. Biographic Information Sheet

6.Statement of Non-Impedement to Marriage

 7. Certified photocopy of the Infomation pages of the Passport

NOTE: Before being sent to the Consulate for legalization, the above-mentioned documents (# 1,2,4,5,6 and 7) must be certified by a Notary Public or equivalent public authorities (document # 3 is regularly issued by the Registrar or Court ‘s Clerk) and the signatures of the Notary Public and Registrar or Court’s Clerk must be certified/authenticated/apostilled by the State Department (or its Office of Authentication) of the State/Secretary of State where the applicant resides or where the Notary Public is lisensed. The Consulate can certify only the signatures of the State-level Secretary of State.


II. Divorced and Widowed Applicants: In addition to the 6 above-listed documents:

– Divorcees are required to submit an Authenticated Judgment of Divorce (Notarized/Certified and Authenticated by Secretary of State);

– Widows are to submit a Authenticated Copy of the Death Certificate of his/her deceased spouse (Notarized/Certified and Authenticated by Secretary of State).


III. Power of Attorney for Submission of Application:

The non-Vietnamese party can, with a Power of Attorney , entrust his/her fiancé(e) to submit the application package. The power of attorney is required to be authenticated by the Consulate after it has been certified by (1) Notary Public, and (2) the State-level Secretary of State.

If all the documents are notarized by ONE Notary Public, it is requested that only ONE authentication of Secretary of State is needed for all his/her signatures.




V. Turn-around of Documents:

1. You can submit the document by mail or in-person (1700 California Street, Suite 580, San Francisco, CA 94109).

– Regular turn-around time is 3-5 business days. Please retain the receipt to pick the documents up in-person at the Consulate.

– Self-stamped and addressed return envelope (if applicants want to receive visa by mail).  To avoid losses during delivery, it is advised to use certified mail of  FEDEX / USPS / UPS  with tracking number for your easy tracking.  The Consulate General shall not be responsible for any missing documents due to your choice of using uncertified mails (FEDEX Ground and UPS Ground are considered as uncertified mails).

 2. You also have an option to request for same-day processing of your documents. Extra fees will be applied for such request. Regular waiting time would be about 1 hour (depending on the complicity of the documents).


@ For further information, please contact the Legalization Section, Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco, at:


@ To track your package, please contact Mail-in or Mail-out Section ( Morning only) : 

  • Telephone: +1 415 922 1707 ;  415 922 0707  415 922 1238 ;
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