You now can apply visa by sending email to, and get your loose-leaf visa (safer and faster – Sample HERE) sent home by FedEx service. Required documents are as follows:

1.  01 application form  (Click HERE to fill ONLINE and then DOWNLOAD the *.PDF file to your computer);  or using the offline PDF form (Click HERE to download);

2. 01 standard colored passport photo (inserted in the application form or attached to your e-mail);

3. 01 copy of the ID page of valid passport;

4. Your mailing address and contact number ( to be used to send your visa back);

5. Payment (please see details below)


+ Visa fees vary according to the type of visa and length of stay. Please email to:; (subject: ” Fee enquiry – Your name – Type of Visa ” ) for quick reply or contact Visa Section at: 415-922-1707.


+ For Payment: Our Mailing System will only process the incoming e-mail that has Credit Card Authorization Form or  Receipt number. So, BEFORE sending your e-mail, please make a payment by:



  • Method 2:  Call: 415-922-1707 and provide your Visa/Master Credit card number. We will give you a Receipt Number;  and then you input this Number in the Subject of your E-mail.


+ All visas are returned by Certified 1-Day Shipping (Fee: $20/envelope, on top of visa fee).


  • NOTE: 

– If you travel in a GROUP, please send all applications in ONE email. All visas will be returned in ONE envelop.

– If you do not receive a confirmation number 24 hours after sending out your e-mail, please contact us by phone (415-922-1707 ) to make sure we received your e-mail.

– If you request for EXPEDITED/RUSH service, please put <URGENT>  in the Subject of your e-mail.

– Visa submission via email is only applicable for tourist or business purpose. For Official or Diplomatic visa, please submit the original passport and required documents via mailing service or in person at the Vietnam Consulate.



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