1. Corpses or remains of the following persons can be shipped to Vietnam (except cases mentioned in Item 2):

a. Vietnamese citizens who have permanent residence in Vietnam;

 b. Vietnamese living abroad who have relatives (father, mother, adopted father, adopted mother, husband/wife, child, adopted child, siblings…) permanently residing in Vietnam; 

 c. Foreigners who have permanent residence in Vietnam.

2. Corpses are not allowed to be shipped to Vietnam if the deceased died of deadly infectious diseases, such as: A-H5N1; bubonic plague, small-pox, cholera, Yellow fever, Ebola, lassa fever, marburg fever, west Nile fever, …

3. In order to apply for a Permit to return human corpses or remains to Vietnam, the following documents should be submitted to the Consulate in person or by mail:

-       01 filled out Application (Form 01/ NG- LS);

-       01 copy of passport or travel document of the deceased (if any);

-       01 copy of Permit of permanent residency in Vietnam of the deceased if he/she is a foreigner who has permanent residence in Vietnam.

-       01 copy of Death Certificate;

-     01 copy of Quarantine Certificate issued by competent authorities (for corpse); or copy of Cremation Certificate (for cremated remains);

-     01 copy of Application for burial of corpse or human remains of the deceased in Vietnam (Form 02/NG-LS), which is already approved by Vietnamese local authorities or cemetery management.

-       Fees can be paid in cash if applied in  person. Otherwise, the fees must be in the form of MONEY ORDER, or CASHIER’S CHECK, or CERTIFIED CHECK payable to “The Consulate of Vietnam”.

-     Mail back: A self-addressed postage-paid return envelope should be submitted if the applicant requests the permit to be returned by mail. The Consulate recommends that applicant(s) use USPS Express Mail or FedEx with the tracking numbers.  USPS - United States Postal Service (prepaid postage stamp envelope or return label) can be bought online at or prepaid return FedEx label can be bought online at You are advised to keep the tracking number for your own reference.

4. Processing time takes up to 1-2 working days. In case of urgency, the Consulate can send out permits within 24 hours.

* Upon receiving the documents, applicants are advised to double check the accuracy of all the information and inform the Consulate of any errors immediately. Otherwise, they will solely bear responsibility for any hindrance afterwards.

For further information, please contact the Consular Section

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